04 April 2013

A First Shot at Healing.

I had been thinking for a while and discussing with Moogyver about trying out healing. The decision was; do I try it out on Natanie, my Paladin or would it be better on my Priest Teily? I decided to go with the Pally, not quite sure why although I do feel more comfortable playing her than I do my poor Priest. Moo was able to find some time and set me up with a very basic healing set and helped me set up talents. I had a good tip from our GM to download Healbot, which I did and I am so glad that I did. I read a bit on the spells, talents and a quick how to heal guide before jumping in a setting up my Healbot and making my own Glyphs, cause I can do that! ;)

Healbot all set up and chatting to guildies they decide get a group together so I can practise! <3 We decide to run random Heroic dungeons so I don't have too much going on and no attitude if people die. What do you know the first is Scarlet Monestary! My ilvl isn't all that high, 407 not not a lot in the way of mana so much has to be conserved! I follow them around clicking away at healbot and using any procs as they pop. Awesome, no one has died! That is until we get to the courtyard trying to pull too many at once. Our poor tank is having lag issues and is low ilvl as well but we persist and after 3 wipes we have it sorted! It wasn't until the end of the run I find out about the low ilvl tank, not that it would have mattered anyway! We wipe once more after someone *whistles* no not me.. forgets to interrupt the rez spell. Once more and all down and no one dies of my causing (I hope)

We decide to do another random and its Temple of the Jade Serpent that pops this time. This, by comparison was easy, even if Moo did pull Sha before any of us were ready! I was quite low on mana when he pulled but they held their own and I was able to keep healing right though without being completely out of mana! I even get a gear upgrade from the Sha for my healing set. It was great fun and I was having to concentrate lots! :D A somewhat successful attempt, even if I didn't feel like I knew what I was doing!

I have since used some valor points to buy 2 more pieces which has pulled my ilvl up a bit more and I will at next opportunity head to the reforger to make sure I have the stats in the right places. All I need for her now is a different transmog set and lots more practise!

I'd love to hear any tips on Holy Paladins or some great resources you have found. Oh and throw me some fave transmog sets too ;)

xx Natanie