21 May 2013

A look back at May..

This week is the last that Moo will have at his current job and next week brings on new beginnings and changes for all of us! I am working on preparing myself and the kids on what will be the new normal for them and trying to get myself into a new routine, making sure I have everything prepped for them the night before. If we miss that train then I will be even later to work than I really should be. My team leader has been advised of the new circumstances and she has been awesome, completely understanding and supportive! She is happy for me to shuffle my hours a little and with any luck I’ll get more efficient, the kids will co-operate and I’ll get my hour lunch break back!

The biggest change for me is not so much catching the train with 2 kids, being totally responsible for getting them to and from day care but making sure I have prepped their dinner and packed it all ready to go, complete with water and hoping someone doesn't need to go to the toilet 5 mins after we get on! 

I have been baking and making a few things for the freezer although I need more, I am out of ideas for dinner on the go for the kidlets! Some days will be sandwiches or crackers with some sort of meat (probably ham) and cheese and salad vegies but finding interesting ideas that are yummy and not too messy is tricky! I have found a great recipe for Zucchini Slice which they like and I can load with all sorts of veggies for them (bonus points for mummy!) which I think will be a regular for them. I am into baking scrolls now, I started with cheese and vegemite and cheese and bacon which are great for a warm brekky but I think I will do others, like pizza (ham, cheese, tomato sauce, pineapple) and spinach a feta and maybe even an apple and cinnamon!

It’s also shopping week this week so I will grab a few extra snack bars, crackers and similar types of snacks for a treat seeing as though stopping at McDonalds won't be an easy out for us anymore!

In other news, my work has been lots of fun and interesting. I have delivered my first few training presentations and with lots of feedback, feel like I am getting better at it. The first session was really awful, it was dropped on me late so I was unprepared and nervous but the reviews were positive at least with how I coped in the situation. My presentations have been cleaned up a lot and better capture what is required.

Oh that car that was in at the mechanic? *gives a hearty farewell* In case you missed the tweets, my overly generous and wonderful in-laws have granted us their (much newer and nicer) car with the sale proceeds from our old one as payment. I am so excited by this, it will reduce our maintenance costs so much and we won’t be driving so much from next week so fuel consumption won’t be as much of an issue either! I feel like someone is watching over us right now. <3 We are still in the process of changing over the ownership and getting the old one cleaned up and ready for sale.

There has been lots of positive happen this past month and being on the brink of it all has me excited and nervous about how I am going to do it all. I just will, somehow, and we will find a new ‘normal’

xx Natanie

01 May 2013

All the Changes!

So things have been quite hectic here to say the least in the past month or so. Those that follow Moogyver on Twitter will have seen that he has been on the job hunt and my work has been changing as well with the new work I am taking on. So here is a quick update on the crazy and hopefully my blog won't be quite so neglected in the future!