01 May 2013

All the Changes!

So things have been quite hectic here to say the least in the past month or so. Those that follow Moogyver on Twitter will have seen that he has been on the job hunt and my work has been changing as well with the new work I am taking on. So here is a quick update on the crazy and hopefully my blog won't be quite so neglected in the future!

We will start with Moogyver, as that has and will be the biggest change for all of us! The threat of job hunting has been coming for a while for Moo. About a month or so ago it was suggested to Moo by his boss that if he found a job that he should take it. Business had been going down hill a while and we had kinda seen it coming so the words with the boss meant it was time to prepare the resume and start looking. Moo has been there for a bit over 10 years so its been a while since he, or I for that matter, have been on that roundabout! I helped him set out and write up his resume and gave ideas on where he could look. 

I just so happened that I jumped on a website to browse and see whats going that I found something that sounded like what fit his job description and what he wanted to do. Both blown away that a permanent job existed he got his resume together and sent it off. 3 weeks and 3 interviews and he now has a job offer! Huzzah! I am so excited and proud of him landing a job from the first interview he went to!

How does this change our life you might ask? At the moment Moo and I work within walking distance and daycare is in the middle. So we drive and then he parks the car at work. The new job is no where near my work now so it will be a train commute for all of us, kids included. I will have to walk the 10 mins for the station to drop the kids off then the 10 mins back to work (right near said station) and the reverse coming home. On the positive, it will be more income for us which is much needed right now and it will be great for Moo's career development. Sprocket will also be starting school next year which will be a move for him anyway so I am very reluctant to move him now when he only has to see this year out with pre-school.

As for me? Well I have been learning lots at work and loaded up with all sorts of new things! I am writing Business Requirements and setting up some training presentations, neither of which I have done before. I am having a lot of fun though playing with PowerPoint and learning all the cool stuff it can do! The feedback so far has been great from my Team Leader and the Department Manager so I must be doing something right! I have been supporting Moo a lot with getting through the interview process curb all the stress that comes with it. 

All the other stuff? Gizmo is waking frequently during the night, so much fun kids are! ;) Our poor old car has been at the mechanic every other week in the past two months with various issues and now we have another to get sorted next week. Social life.. whats that?! I haven't seen any friends before today in about 8 weeks so I am feeling much like a recluse at the moment and I haven't even logged into WoW in 2 weeks. I have just been too tired with new learning and wakeful Giz to be wanting to look at a computer screen in the evenings.

I am sorry you have not seen much of me and hopefully this helps to explain whats been going on. Its going to be a big change and I am looking forward to what its going to bring! It will be hard work but I know hard work reaps reward. Hopefully the kids will cope well with the change and adapt easily, I am thankfully I have pretty easy going kids.


  1. That's awesome that he was given warning by his boss, and that a good position was available first off. Job searches can be emotionally draining, handling all the rejections and selling yourself just right for each position.

    Sounds like you guys will settle into the changes after a little while, though commutes will be longer. My husband drives the kids to daycare near his work, which is about 45 mins away if traffic isn't too bad. Giz will get through this period and will sleep through again. Glad to hear what's going on in more than 140 characters. :-)

  2. It was something he was worried about so he approached his boss and asked of the situation. He was assured that he would be worked with to sort it out. I am so grateful that they followed though, they are wonderful people!