30 January 2013


Welcome to my first venture into blogging! I am Natanie, wife to Moogyver, mum to 2 boys (Sprocket and Gizmo) and part time employee. I reside in Sydney, Australia.
My currents hobbies include baking and creating in the kitchen, other crafty pursuits and playing World of Warcraft. I hope to be able to share my adventures in life while raising my boys, juggling work, home life and finding that balance as well as sharing some of the wonderful things I bake and make. I look forward to sharing some stories and thoughts relating to WoW and life in general.

In WoW I currently have 2 characters, one Horde Tauren Paladin and one Alliance Dwarf Priest. I am working on a 3rd Pandaren Monk Horde side but she is not yet very high in level.

Moogyver currently works in IT and does 'Spare Parts' an engineering podcast which appears on 'All Things Azeroth' and 'The Lorewalkers'

I hope you will join me and follow my adventures and thoughts on life, hobbies and what happens in my world!

xx Natanie


  1. Hooray! Hello Natanie, grats on starting your blog :) Best of luck!

  2. Welcome! I look forward to reading your musings. :-)

  3. Welcome! I look forward to reading your musings. :-)

  4. Gratz on the first steps into blogging!

  5. Wonderful start. I'm looking forward to your further adventures!