21 October 2014

Six Point Zero Point Two.

We have had the pre-patch now for about a week. Seeing as though servers are down I thought I would take the opportunity to write what I have been up to and where we are headed in the next few weeks.

This is the second pre-patch and launch event that I have ever done so I am quite excited and completely immersing myself in the world again. Before the Mists launch, I had not been high enough level to participate in many of the world events. Theramore was fun but from what I understand, quite limited.

I logged in with Moo on Wednesday and we picked up the quests. The first thing we both did? Yup, cleared out our bags, sorted the bank and added toys to the toy box! I found so much bag space, most of which was reagents or toys. 

The first toon through the quests was my paladin. I didn't really see much that had changed as far as rotation so a few quick checks and I was off questing! Moo love running new stuff together so off we tottered around Blasted Lands. We took our time and finished all the quests before starting alliance side and doing the whole lot over again!

I have been having a great time pottering around and adjusting to my 'new' priest and paladin. I spent a bit of time farming for the Bronze Whelpling both alone and with others before finally picking up 2 within 10 mins. I gave the second one to my farming buddy, Leeta.

The only thing I am finding slightly frustrating is the fact they haven't yet updated the app. I usually post my auctions on my commute and for whatever reason I cannot pick up gold or post things from the reagent bank, bank or mailbox like I used to. I am sure it will get updated, hopefully it won't take too long!

I'm also really excited to be attending the Warlords Sydney event that Blizzard is hosting on Thursday evening. I'm not sure what to expect but I am excited for a rare evening out with Moo and some fun meeting like-minded people. I will be posting photos on twitter! Let me know if you are going. 

As for the next few weeks, Blizzon is really soon, less than 3 weeks in fact! Moo flies out on the Tuesday before and will be away for 9 days, returning on the Thursday before launch. So we only have this week to finish off and next week of work left before 2 weeks off! I'm not quite sure yet how I will fill my days alone but I have a few things lined up that I want to get done. I'm feeling a little daunted by being the only responsible adult in the house for so long but I know I can do it, maybe...

How are you going with the changes? Love to hear your thoughts!

xx Natanie


  1. I can't wait to see your photos! If only I could afford to head over for it and could organize the time off it would have been fantastic to attend! This year is also sad for me because I miss out on the first part of blizzcon live stream as I'll be in Perth, but at least I can watch back, and I know I won't miss expansion announcements like last year! ��

  2. It was quite short notice for the Sydney event. I loved Blizzcon last year, this year will be different because I won't have my Moo but looking forward to it all the same. :)

    1. Yeah it was a little and unfortunately I was told while on a weeks holiday haha be a bit rich to ask for more time, plus time off in Nov for when the bf comes across after uni he he. My blizzcon last year was 4am wake up with dip and vege sticks!! Haha, hopefully the kids have a sleep in but I'm guessing that would be wishful thinking ;)