22 February 2013

Changing Career - Part 2

I completed the second part of my course on Tuesday. As a whole I really enjoyed the course and it has been great being able to learn in a classroom setting again.
The second day was much more intense for me,being new to it all and not having any exposure to the processes of project management of any sort. It was good though to have others in the room that knew the processes quite well and were able to bounce ideas from the facilitator to get heads around where different names mean different things. The was an agreement on pushing for change internally and aligning all the systems and processes which will be interesting. 

I also had a meeting with my Team Lead yesterday which was full of awesomeness. I had my past year (well 8 months) of review as well as a goal setting session for the coming year. She was very happy with what I had achieved and with my flexibility, just being able to jump in as needed, and still working on other things as well. I had no real sense of direction, no set tasks so it was very ad-hoc and hap-hazard 8 months of my life and insanely frustrating for me.

After setting the goals yesterday, I am really excited with what the year will bring for me and my colleague (who is also part time and stepping up into a new role). There are a lot of opportunities for learning and growth and stepping out there and losing some inhibitions. I have complete trust in my Team Lead helping through all of it and helping her to achieve her goals as well. This is the first in a long time I have been excited about work and it also goes a little way in achieving one of my personal goals, doing things for me. None of which would have been accomplished without Moos support in taking on kids while I trained and attended team strategy sessions. Thank you Moo. <3

xx Natanie


  1. You are most welcome sweetpea :-)

  2. Your career change sounds so exciting :) I am glad you are happy and have supportive work mates and husband /cheer