06 February 2013

My travels in Azeroth

I started in World of Warcraft many years ago although I have had many extended breaks for various reasons, children being two of them. This is a bit of background on how I got into WoW and where I am at now.

I started in MMO's in general by watching over Moogyver's shoulder while he was playing EverQuest, maybe about 9 years ago. It looked fun and a bit confusing as to the point but I watched and he taught me and set me up with my own toon on there. I didn't really play long although it was a great start to MMOs and games as I had not played anything more than Mario Bros. or Sonic on consoles before that.

WoW began with a friend of Moogyver's telling him about it and he created an account. We shared for a while before above-mentioned friend suggested to create a character on his account so we could play together. I created a Gnome Warlock named Kewtipie and it was awesome! Moo was able to show me around and we could do some stuff together and I learned how to play. I still now learn a lot from Moo, I just haven't spent as much time in game or read enough to know an awful lot but that is slowly changing.

In 2009, Moo so wonderfully bought a copy of the game for me for Christmas, I had my own account!  I started a Dwarven Priest as Moo had his Dwarven Hunter and we had started in the same zone to level up together. She had been my main character for a long time now and as much as I have played, she has never reached max level until about a week before Pandaria launched. Moo helped me grind her out so it was ready to go straight into Pandaland! 

I stopped playing in April 2011 due to limited funds, time and a growing baby tummy. Teily was left sitting at around Level 83.

Natanie, my Tauren Paladin, was only created in August 2012 when Medros from All Things Azeroth was after his Scroll of Resurrection mount. Moo told me and said that I would get a little game time and a level 80 toon. It took a week or two of contemplation and I am sure Medros had tweeted many times, before I took him up on the offer. He was also generous enough to include one months game time as well and I was hooked again! I created my twitter and started getting her up to 85 ready for Pandaria and then went back to my Priest to get her leveled up as well.

In just a few weeks I had a whole heap of followers on twitter and 2 new guilds. Everyone has been so welcoming into the community, both in game and through twitter. I am quite overwhelmed sometimes with all the support I get when asking a question and even more so with the support I have had for starting this blog and my first jump into podcasting last week as guest on Girls Gone Wow Episode #86. I think I will be around more this year on podcasts. ;)

Natanie (Paladin) is currently my main, level 90 and completed the Horde story line through Dominance Offensive although I am still working on some reputations and haven't done many dungeons. I have never raided but would love to jump into LFR once she is geared up enough.

Teily (Priest)  is level 88 and Moogyver and I are currently working through the Pandaria quests to get them to 90 so we can do Shieldwall quests, hopefully before 5.2 hits.

Moo and I have also started Pandaren Monks. They are only level 12 and sitting in Orgrimmar at the moment but it will be so much fun to level them both up so I can see all that content that I missed either before I started playing or the content that I missed while on breaks.

All of my Armory links or in my 'About Me' on the left side of the page if you are interested in looking. I'd love any ideas, tips or feedback on any of my characters.

xx Natanie


  1. The community really is awesome, and podcasters especially seem quite welcoming and inclusive.

    Remember that the Darkmoon Faire is up right now, so go get that 10% XP/Rep boost while you can! I'll be leveling my L30 pandaren rogue to 35 so I can level her professions (including the 5pt DMF quests).

  2. Yes! Moo has a Mage so we both go and ride the carosel and play for the hour each night we can to get the extra bonus!