17 February 2013

Transmog update

 Moo and I went hunting again last night for a transmog sword. His suggestion was the Arkadian Claymore, a very paladin-y looking piece, and BONUS its an awesome glowing one, so pretty! We needed to go off to Halaa to the blade vendor to get it. We get there to find out (of course) that its Alliance controlled so we have to defeat all the guards to regain control for the NPCs to pop. Luckily, being level 90, we can mow down the guards easily without needing to do bombing runs with the wyverns, old school style.

 We get halfway through hitting the guards to then have a Pandaren from Aman-thul come and help us with the last of them and then sit by the flag with us until it changes over (thanks cross realm zones!) Its a long time to just stand and wait, but we were able to kill some time dancing and playing fetch with Moo's pet eagle!

 The NPCs popped finally, and I grab my sword from Coreiel only just before some alliance fly in and start the process of changing it all back again. Thankfully our PvP flags had dropped by that time so we couldn't be killed for fun!

 We took off back to the transmogger and fixed up my sword and this is what it looks like..

We spent the rest of the evening running through Onyxia's Lair for the mount Reins of the Onyxian Drake, Gruuls Lair for the Hammer of the Naaru to use as alternative to transmog, but it did not drop and Moo and I had a picnic in Dalaran for the Lonely? achievement. 

What do you think of my new outfit? 

xx Natanie


  1. Lovely sword, and that's a fun memory to go along with the acquisition.

  2. Looking very Pally Natanie :)