06 February 2013


I got a little bored this afternoon. The kids were being good for a change and I had started to think about dinner. I have this habit, if I find a recipe I plan on trying, I leave the page open in my browser. Its kind of like a reminder for me to do it. I am so glad I did today!
Moo had been wanting to try a home made custard that he had seen on television last week. So I thought, chicken drumsticks in the fridge and some vegies that I need to use so veggie risotto with roasted chicken. But what of this custard, what are we going to have with it? So I starting thinking of what Moo likes.. hmm, Waffles! he loves waffles! I was not sure if custard would go with waffles though. One quick tweet and that idea was sorted, so custard with waffles and raspberries it is!

First I get cracking on the custard. I don't find it overly difficult making custard, I have made it before but not all that often. We had picked up the ingredients over the weekend so I had everything to hand. Sprocket loves helping me in the kitchen so I got him gathering things and helping me measure, pour and mix. I find so many great lessons in cooking with Sprocket, mostly math related, and we have so much fun doing it. So we get the custard sorted and I pop it aside to cool.

Next up I get the chicken in the oven. I like to make a quick spice mix to pop on the top of the chicken just to make it yummy and into the oven it goes. 

Its then time to get working on the risotto. I use veggies I have in the fridge, corn, carrot and zucchini. 20 mins later and a handful of Parmesan cheese at the end and its all done!

Just before Moo is due home I get the waffle batter done and let it rest while we are eating our Chicken and Veggie Risotto. Moo loves it and devours it, Gizmo is a bit tired and cranky so hardly eats a thing and Sprocket eats his chicken and at least tries his risotto before going off to get ready for bed. That means Moo and I get to share all that yummy custard and waffles. I prepare the waffles while kids are sorted and we eat while Sprocket is having wind down time. 

The custard is divine I had forgotten just how beautiful and sweet it is and it works perfectly with the waffles and raspberries! Moo loved it so much, and that is exactly why I love cooking and baking so much! I think I will be making more custard for Moo ;)

xx Natanie


  1. Those look deslish! I do wish Eric would get ready for bed by himself. I acknowledge that this is probably almost all our fault but *sigh*. He's never really had the strong "I do it" drive, even when he was littler.