16 February 2013


I have been having a hard time trying to find time to blog so here is one with what I have been up to in WoW!

Moo has been after the Lightbringer armor set for me to transmog forever and we have finally run two of the old raids to grab the pieces this week. He had finally nabbed the last piece that he needed for his own t-mog, and the gun, Wolfslayer Sniper rifle, he was after so it was onto my set!

After a bit of research, most of the set was found in only 2 old raids, Black Temple and Battle for Hyjal I have never been into raid at all before this week so it was awesome to see the inside of a few of them, the first run we did was Hyjal. From here I hoped to receive 3 of the pieces I needed. We had a few challenges in here as it had been a long time since Moo had been in and had forgotten how some (a lot) of it played out. 

We helped Jaina out with the waves of trash easily enough, last wave finished and we headed for the Horde camp to see Thrall and do the other side. Run all the way there to find that we could not speak to him. So we run all the way back to the Alliance camp to find half the camp wiped out and Jaina being attacked. Ugh, right so we have to hit boss #1 who had popped and get smooshed into the ground.

OK, lets try again. So we go back, kill the 8 waves again and then this time wait for the boss to arrive and get it all sorted. Onto the Horde side to chat to Thrall and we get all the waves and bosses down pretty easily! Yay! Azgalor dropped my glove token!

We run all the way to Archimonde, who drops The helm token. Moo warns me he tosses you up into the air so be ready to bubble if he does so (Having forgotten about Tyrande's floating tear thing he mentioned AFTERWARDS/)  Ten seconds into the fight Moo gets flung into the air and pops the glider. No problem! He then lands, and immediately gets flung into the air again, and promptly dies. I am left to solo him all on my own, hit, hit hit, heal hit bubble hit hit heal.... I get him down after maybe 5 mins, Moo and I are both left gobsmacked because I am not the best geared Pally around! /cheer But no Helm token. /Boo

The following night we run Black Temple for other pieces. After it taking us a few mins to find the portal in ( I hadn't run it before and for Moo it had been a LONG while since last run) we finally get in and start the trek through. I am amazed at how huge it is! It took us 2 hours to run through and we didn't kill everything. Luckily, the Essence of Anger dropped a helm with the same model as the Lightbringer, so we didn't need to fight Archimonde again!

Mother Sharahz dropped my Shoulder token, and although most of the bosses could be burned through, we wiped on the Illidari Council because of their heals and not knowing how to fight them. After checking on the old mechanics (thanks Wowpedia) we got them down second time around,and YAY leg token!

Onward to Illidan!

We wiped on the Flames of Azzinoth during the Illidan fight as we didn't know the mechanics there either. We downed them on the second attempt as well, but no chest token :(

Last night after the reset, we ran another Black Temple to see if we could get the last pieces I needed the chest, feet, and waist.

We ran through this time with no drama, much faster, AND managed to get 3 pieces (the wrists were a bonus!) 
I purchased the belt with Justice Points I had accrued from the vendor in Shattrath after not getting the drop in BT.

So now I am all transmogged and looking much better than in all my mis-matched gear! 

So this is now how I look. 

Soooo, what do you think? Do you like or have any suggestions on something that could be changed? 
Still thinking about a weapon. Hammer of the Naaru is NICE but doesn't really match for colour. Suggestions on something to go with the Lightbringer set? 2-handers please!

xx Natanie


  1. I love the mogging - shame it doesn't have a back view too :)

  2. I have a link on the left to my armory if you want to take a look, hopefully it it will update soon! :)

  3. I'll arrange a back side screencap :-) I crafted a matching cloak on my tailor!